APRIL 2015

We have nine beautiful puppies - 4 males and 6 females! They were born on 1st of April.

Father: JULES Asterniger, mother: HONDA Black Buddha. Details: on puppies site



We have nine beautiful puppies - 6 males and 3 females! They were born on 29th of December.

Father: UNDERGROUND Dyas, mother: HONDA Black Buddha. Details: on puppies site.

Maj 2013
Zadar, Croatia, International Dog Show (the 1-st of May) - Honda got CAC, CACIB, BOB (judge: ), finishing INTERCHAMPIONSHIP. She was chosen into final 7 dogs on BOG.
The 2nd of May, the International Dog Show - also
CAC, CACIB BOB. (judge: Tomo Pavic).

Zadar was a wonderful place, the weather was much better than in Poland this time, but we had to come back quickly to our rainy Wroclaw.

September 2012
Two National Dog Shows in Lithuania - 8, 9 of September 2012,

The first day - LT CAC (judge: Victoras Avtushko), Honda finished The Championship of Lithuania.
The second day:

And the nice meeting with ARAS, the father of Honda, Milda, the owner of Pasala Kennel, and two owners of Pasala dogs (half-brother and half-sister of Honda).

July 2012
Romania, Constanca, Honda took part in 4 International Dog Shows.
16.07.2012: CACIB;
res. CACIB;
res. CACIB.

Bulgaria, Varna, Honda took part in 2 International Dog Shows (from more of shows of Baltic Winner):
19.07.2012: BG CAC
22.07.2012: BG CAC .
HONDA got The Championship of Bulgaria.
Bulgaria, Varna, Honda tok part in two National Dog Shows of Cyprus
20.07.2012: 2 x CY CAC.
HONDA got The Championship of Cyprus.

But, the most pleasant moments Honda spent at the seeside. She tried to bit waves! And she played with dogs even they were so small.

Juni 2012
Our dogs love water. On warm days we like to rest at a small pond, not far from our house.


Juni 2012

The National Dog Show in Raciborz, Poland, 9.06.2012: CWC (Boguslaw Chmiel, the judge). So Honda finished The Championship of Poland.

October 2011
JThe autumn is warm this year, so we often get our dogs for "wet walks".

August 2011
15 th of August, the International Dog Show in Sopot, Poland. Honda won CWC.

August 2011
As Honda's father lives in Lithuania, we decided to go there with Honda on our first dog show outside of Poland. Our lithuanian friends helped us, we visited them in Kaunas and we met all together in Druskininkai.
begun the Championship of Lithuania (2 x LT CAC, the judges were: the first day - J. Mravik from Slovakia and the second day - M. Leonard from Ireland).

July 2011
Holidays. Our dogs are happy, they spend a lot of time outdoors. Most of all, they like swimming.
July 2011
15 th of July, the International Dog Show in Warsaw. Honda won CWC and res.CACIB.
June 2011
25 of June we spent in Krakow. The International Dog Show in Krakow was very happy for us - Honda won her first CACIB, and the third CWC. She is only 16 months old, so this success was a big surprise for us.
June 2011
Today was the wonderful date for us - Rambo, the brother of Honda visited us with his family. Our dogs were veeeery happy.
June 2011
The National Dog's Show - Raciborz, 12-06-2011. Honda in the middle class won her second CWC .
May 2011
Now we live with three big and two small dogs. They love out-door games.
May 2011
The National Dog's Show - Nowa Ruda, 29-05-2011. Honda just finished 15 months and started in the middle class. She won her first CWC (CAC).

Honda started the Championship of Poland

April 2011

Honda got her third CWC and so finished the of Junior Championschip of Poland!

Zabrze, the National Dog Show, 10-04-2011. Honda got her second JWinner title:

Czestochowa, the National Dog Show, 17-04-2011. Honda got her third JWinner title:

January 2011.
29-01-2011 - The International Dog Show in Glogow. It was a very happy day for us - Honda won her first title "Junior Winner". She started with the JCHPL title.

At the beginning of this day, after coming back home we noticed she became the adult bitch.

December 2010
The owners of Rambo, brother of Honda sent us greetings and some photographs of Rambo (Hilbert). He looks very happy.
He is a very nice dog. We hope, we'll see him on dog shows soon.

August 2010
15.08.2010 - The National Dog Show in Radom. It was a very hot day, after 5 hours in the car and 3 hours of waiting before , Honda won VP1 and BOB Baby. We were happy and we decided to wait next 3 hours for the final BIS Baby.

The judge, Elzbieta Chwalibog, has chosen Honda to the first six babies in the show. We were too tired to win better place.

August 2010
The National Dog Show in Legnica (08.08.2010). The second show of Honda, and she was feeling much better than in Bedzin, two weeks ago. We liked her presentation very much and so the judge (Ryszard Broll) did. He wrote it in the description.
July 2010
We attended the National Dog Show in Bedzin with our Honda. It was the first dog show for her, and for us it was almost the first one.
She got the VP1, "Best Baby" title and the description of her vas very interesting. The judge was M. Lewandowski. We are happy, because without any experience in showing dogs it was very difficult for us to start it.

June 2010
One of our puppies, Hilbert now living in Germany visited us with his new owners, after about one month time. Hibert (his new name is Rambo) recognized us all, was very happy, played with Grace and Honda. It was really a baeutiful and happy day for us all!
Rambo and Honda after playing.
April/May 2010
It was a very difficult time for us. Nine of our puppies just found new homes and left.
They now live in many places: Germany (1), Danmark (1), Warsaw (2), Krakow (1), Bedzin(1) and 2 not far from Wroclaw. One of boys stayed with our friends in Wroclaw. Honda, the girl will stay with us!

February 2010
As a "spouse" Aras did his job greatly. 23-rd of February 2010 lovely puppies were born. Grace become a happy mother of 10 puppies - 7 males and 3 females. Some photographs - in the puppies side.

We wonder what will be Tajga's reaction. She's sterilized, but - maybe her maternal instinct will have something to say anyway? We hope that she'll accept her role of th big, black aunt, and will assist in socializing the puppies. She is inaccessible for strange dogs - unfortunately she remembers well the struggle for existence in the hostel. She subordinates to human only (and is sincerely committed to us). It took a long time, before she accepted the peace-oriented Grace's leadership, as Grace never gets involved in unnecessary brawls.