The first dog appeared in our family in 2004. It was a Giant Schnauzer puppy - Grace.

Why we have chosen this breed, having previously no experience with dogs? After reading several books and also lots of posts on internet forums, our choice was clear. Giant Schnauzer's character looked like an ideal to us and besides we dreamed about having a big dog. Our final decision was made after the enchantment of the photo of Juka z Wilczej Skarpy.

And that was no mistake at all! Grace became a strong and beautiful girl. She is also a perfect specimen of health. Her character occured to be just extraordinary. She's full of energy, but at the same time never had been destructive to our furniture or clothing. She's smart, cheerful, sincere and always willing to have fun and cooperation. Suspicious towards strangers, but utterly committed to her dog-human family, and infinitely patient to our little Franek.
There is no exagerration, when we say that we don't know anybody on this world with such a big, wonderful heart.

A year ago Grace gained a schnauzer-like colleague "with the past" - Tajga. She has spent 8 months in a hostel in Ostrowia, and earlier her life was not easy too - we can tell it by big scars on her neck after a rope or even more likely - a wire. Grace has adopted a new member of the household very friendly and turned out to be a great teacher.

At the beginning we haven't planned to breed Grace. We didn't have the conditions for establishing a dog fancy (we lived in a flat in the city center). In the meantime we moved to the country and expanded the knowledge about dogs. Supported by friends and breeders in Wroc³aw we decided to breed puppies. Grace, despite her 5 years, was in excellent form, she passed her psychical tests without any problems. She also has healthy hip joints (HDA). There are some fine ancestors in her pedigree.

Thus another stage in our lives began - start of the kennel. In November 2009 we signed Grace in ZKwP as a brood bitch. Then we advanced a nickname of breeding.

Grace 09-2006

Tajga 04-2010

Tajga and Grace - 01-2010

The decision about the partner, that would give the best and most desirable traits to Grace's offspring, wasn't easy. Our choice was a beautiful male, strongly built and with a great character - Aras Pasala from Lithuania.
We spent Christmas 2009 in Kaunas. Aras occured to be indeed a wonderful dog, and his owners are extremely hospitable and nice people.
He's got the Finnish (Stablemasters breeding) and Russian (Grigus breeding) blood in his veins.
ARAS, his parents and grandparents are very titled. Also his siblings and his children have many successes in exhibitions (details on the website of Pasala breeding).

In February 2010 HONDA and her two sisters and seven brothers were born. We decided to keep HONDA with us...

Aras Pasala